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Products liability lawsuits may follow E. coli outbreak

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2017 | Products Liability

Federal agents have ordered the closure of the Dixie Diner’s Club SoyNut Butter factory in Kentucky. The Food and Drug Administration reported the facility to be the suspected source of an outbreak of E.coli. Reportedly, people in five states have contracted the disease, and the company will likely have to face multiple products liability claims before this is over.

According to an FDA report, inspectors who paid several visits to the peanut butter substitute manufacturer said sanitary violations were found every time. They noted a walk-in refrigerator that contained mold-covered products and boxes with products tainted by rodent excretions. Furthermore, inspectors determined that the last time some of the processing equipment was disassembled and cleaned was in 2015.

The FDA further reported that 12 people, including several children, were infected after consuming the tainted product. One mother described how her young daughter spent 30 days in intensive care, during which time her kidneys failed, and she required round-the-clock dialysis for 14 days. The infection reportedly spread to her brain, leaving her comatose for six days.

Typical E. coli symptoms include abdominal pain, exhaustion, fever and a decrease in urination frequency. Also, the patient becomes very pale and could develop unexplained bleeding or small bruises. While some people recover within weeks, E. coli can lead to permanent damage or death.

A whole range of SoyNut products under the Dixie Diner’s Club brand was recalled. If any Kentucky residents or their children suffered E. coli infection, they are entitled to pursue recovery of financial and emotional damages. An experienced products liability attorney can provide the necessary guidance throughout the legal procedures of such a lawsuit while working to recover maximum damages.

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