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March 2017 Archives

Patient may have died from hospital medical malpractice

No matter the child's age, no parent in Kentucky desires for a child's life to end prematurely. A mother in another state claims she suffered the loss of her adult daughter due to inadequate and negligent care by the hospital medical staff. She has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in a civil court against the hospital. She hopes the lawsuit will help find answers regarding the circumstances around her daughter's death.

6 expenses to consider in birth injury cases

Finding out that your child has a birth injury is a harrowing experience. Once you get over the initial shock, you might find that you have to start thinking about providing for your child in the future. Raising a child who has special needs isn't inexpensive. You might choose to seek compensation. If you do, think about these six expenses of raising a child who has a birth injury.

Man blames medical malpractice for mother's death

Kentucky medical facilities are among many others throughout the nation where serious errors occur every year that adversely affect the lives of patients and their families. In fact, a man in another state, whose mother died after being misdiagnosed by her doctor, has become so concerned with the alarming numbers of medical malpractice incidents in the United States that he has written a book about it. One estimate states that as many as 500,000 people die as a result of medical negligence each year.

Picking up the pieces after Kentucky truck accidents

Traveling down a Kentucky highway as massive tractor-trailers fly by can be a very disconcerting experience, to say the least. A motorist never knows when one of these massive machines will suddenly appear too close for comfort. Truck accidents happen every day and often result in catastrophic injuries, if not death.

Truck accidents often occur in precarious places

Some places seem to be more dangerous to drive in than others. For instance, motorists in heavy traffic, traveling at highway speeds are often at risk for sudden collisions. Truck accidents are frequent occurrences in Kentucky, with some of them happening in unlikely places, as made evident by a recent crash near SomerSplash Waterpark. 

3 key stats about poor doctor communication

You've been feeling "off" for a while, but you have no idea what's really wrong. You don't think it's serious, but you also want to be sure, so you go to the doctor. You try to explain what's going on, but the doctor doesn't listen, talks over you, and whisks you back out the door. You sit in your car in the parking lot, not feeling any better, just feeling like you took time out of your day - and paid your co-pay - for nothing.

Take Action to Ensure Continued Access to Justice

Congress has recently introduced several bills related to the civil justice system that impact the constitutional rights of all Americans. In general, these bills are favorable to negligent care providers and large corporations and make it more difficult for us to exercise our Seventh Amendment right to a jury trial. Perhaps the most troubling is:

Your unique position as a motorcycle rider

Imagine riding down the road, the wind in your hair, the sun shining bright, and the wide expanse of freedom stretching into the horizon. This is exactly what puts you in a unique position. Unfortunately, it also exposes you to dangers that people driving cars do not experience. For example, there is no protective barrier separating you from the road other than your riding leathers. In addition, drivers may not only have difficulty seeing you, they might also have problems anticipating your actions.

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