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Products liability concern apparently growing inside child’s toy

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2017 | Products Liability

Kentucky parents of infants are often diligent and cautious in their efforts to provide appropriate toys for their children. Especially during the teething phase of infancy, moms and dads may search for various types of products recommended to help ease gum discomfort and promote healthy tooth growth. A parent in another state, who also happens to be a pediatric dentist, recently became alarmed when she saw potential grounds for a products liability lawsuit inside her daughter’s teething toy.

The toy in question is imported to the United States from France. Many parents allow their babies to chew on these toys known as “Sophie Giraffe.” The mother in this particular case said she always made sure to carefully follow package instructions in regard to cleaning her daughter’s toy. One day, however, the mother/dentist said she picked up an “off” aroma when cleaning her child’s teething toy.

As any good mother might do, the woman decided to cut the toy open and look inside. What she found there shocked her. It was later learned that other parents had issued warnings in online customer reviews regarding potential dangers associated with mold growing inside Sophie Giraffe toys.

Negative health risks associated with mold are many. Grounds for products liability may exist in any situation where a child has suffered injury or illness after playing with a toy. In Kentucky, a skilled attorney would be able to advise a concerned parent as to how best to address a particular situation in court.

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