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Unforgettable medical mistakes

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2015 | Hospital Errors

Everyone makes mistakes, including doctors. Most of their errors are relatively minor and cause little or no harm. However, there are cases of negligence, too, in which the doctors and nurses make mistakes that live on in infamy.

In one case, a baby was brought to a hospital emergency room. After her initial assessment, she waited for nearly five hours before she was seen by a doctor. The wait allowed flesh-eating bacteria to inflict irreparable harm on her tiny body. Surgeons wound up amputating both of the baby’s legs, the fingers on her right hand and her entire left hand as a result.

The ER nurse had misdiagnosed the virus attacking the baby as one much less serious, CNN and Health Jabber reported.

In another case of a major nursing error, a young man was scheduled to be released from the hospital. Before leaving, a nurse removed the chest tube from the patient sitting upright, covering the hole with gauze.

Air bubbles were sucked into the wound, cutting off the flow of blood to his organs. He died that day.

Medical experts say he should have been lying down when the procedure was performed and that the nurse should have made an airtight seal over the hole in his chest.

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