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An intimate loss

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2015 | Hospital Errors

The physical act of love is one of the special ways in which a husband and wife reaffirm their affection, their passion and their commitment to one another. It is one of life’s gifts, and to have it taken away or severely diminished by a negligent doctor is almost unthinkable.

However, a husband and wife west of Covington are compelled by very difficult circumstances to deal with that situation. A jury recently ruled that the 68-year-old man would receive $350,000 in compensation for damages done to him in surgery by a negligent urologist, and that the man’s wife would receive $50,000.

Few people would argue that the money will compensate the couple for what they have lost.

Jurors said the compensation for the surgical injury to the man’s penis totals $105,000. He is to receive $105,000 for pain and suffering, $35,000 for medical expenses and $105,000 for the disfigurement caused by the surgical error. His wife, 57, is to be compensated $50,000 for the loss of companionship.

The urologist specializes in urologic prostheses and treating incontinence and erectile dysfunction. He was performing a penile implant on the husband at an Arkansas medical center when he punctured the membrane separating the colon from the implant, according to court documents. As a result, the man’s penis was disfigured and he suffers pain since the surgery, a media outlet reports.

Like everyone who enters surgery, the man undoubtedly hoped to be improved by the procedure rather than diminished by it and left in pain. With the aid of his medical malpractice attorney, he was able to prove to jurors that the injuries and lasting damage were the result of negligence rather than a simple mistake.

If you have also been injured in surgery by a negligent doctor, speak with a Kentucky attorney experienced in medical malpractice claims. You can talk over your legal options and begin your pursuit of justice.