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Epidural at birth leads to permanent injuries

On Behalf of | May 8, 2015 | Hospital Errors

Many women who are in labor look forward to the epidural since it offers some pain relief. While many women know that there is a risk of injury because of the epidural, many women still choose to put their comfort in the hands of the anesthesiologist. The trust is that this medical professional will get the epidural done without causing any problems. That isn’t what happened in one woman’s case.

A woman who was in labor in 2009 claims she was negligently hooked up to the epidural. She says that the anesthesiologist caused a serious spinal cord injury when the anesthesiologist hit her terminal spinal cord with the epidural. As a result of that hit, the woman now suffers from a cystic lesion.

As part of the claim, the lawsuit pertaining to this case claims that the anesthesiologist was up for a 24-hour shift when he had to do the woman’s epidural. Instead of doing the procedure properly, he is said to have put the needle in the wrong space in her spine.

The woman was awarded $4.25 million by a six-person jury. She is said to have permanent leg damage and chronic pain. She has injuries that could lead to paralysis.

Anyone who suffers from a spinal cord injury because of an epidural has the right to do as this woman did and seek compensation for the injury. Not only does this hold the medical professional accountable for the injury that was caused, the monetary award can help to cover past, present and future medical bills so that you can focus on living life as best as you can.

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