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Children’s dentist running “house of horrors”?

On Behalf of | May 30, 2015 | Medication Errors

Regular readers of our Kentucky medical malpractice blog might recall a case from a couple of years ago in which a woman south of Covington sued her dentist after he apparently dropped a small screwdriver down her throat. She later had to have the tool used on her implants surgically removed, Kentucky.com reported.

We have lately read news of a Florida children’s dentist who is being accused by multiple patients of performing dental surgeries without anesthetic and unnecessary tooth extractions. Parents have been picketing his office and demanding that state officials shut it down.


The 78-year-old dentist denies the allegations. “I’m sure in my lifetime I’ve done something that is off-color,” he said, “but it ain’t mistreat kids.”

A class-action lawsuit alleges that the dentist has carried out a “sadistic and systematic scheme of physical and psychological torture and abuse” of “utterly defenseless” kids, USA Today reports.

Here in Kentucky, a dentist can be sued for malpractice, just as a negligent doctor can be sued for substandard care. As you likely know, people harmed by negligent physicians and hospitals have a year from the time of the negligence in which to file a claim.

Discuss the circumstances in which you suffered damages with an attorney experienced in medical malpractice claims. In some situations, you can find a favorable resolution as a result of negotiations between your attorney and the doctor’s insurer; in other situations, litigation is necessary to pursue full and fair compensation.

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