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How does multiple gestation affect prenatal care in Kentucky?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2015 | Birth Injuries

A woman who finds out she is expecting more than one baby might have a lot of questions. One of those questions is likely going to be how the multiple gestation will affect her prenatal care. The answer actually depends on the gestational order of the pregnancy, as well as a host of other factors. There are some basic guidelines that our Kentucky readers should be aware of when it comes to twins, triplets or higher order multiples.

What will my first trimester prenatal care be like?

In most cases, women who are carrying more than one baby will follow a similar schedule as a woman who is carrying only one child. This usually means a visit every four weeks. There are some instances in which a woman might have to see the prenatal care provider every two to three weeks.

What about in the second trimester?

While many women carrying only one baby will continue with monthly visits during the second trimester, a women carrying more than one baby can expect to have at least two prenatal visits per month. This gives the prenatal care provider a chance to check on the babies frequently.

What about in the third trimester?

A woman carrying more than one baby usually has weekly visits to the prenatal care provider throughout the third trimester. This gives the provider a chance to monitor the woman for pre-eclampsia, preterm labor and other conditions.

When a woman carrying multiples isn’t monitored properly, her health and the health of the babies can be affected. In those cases, the woman might opt to learn about her right to seek compensation for her case.

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