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Hypoxic and ischemic brain injuries might deserve compensation

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2014 | Birth Injuries

On this blog last week, we covered hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. Learning that your baby is suffering from this condition can evoke a wide range of feelings in parents. Anger, hurt and denial are some of the common feelings. You might start to wonder why your child has to suffer. You might wonder how you are going to give your child the best life possible despite the diagnosis. We understand how you feel. We want to work with you to hold the person responsible for your child’s condition accountable for his or her errors or negligence.

In the case of an infant with a hypoxic or ischemic brain injury, medical malpractice is often the cause. Scrutinizing records, including the fetal monitoring, can help to determine if there was a warning of the danger. The fetal monitoring strip might show that there was an interruption in the oxygen or blood to the placenta.

Hypoxic and ischemic brain injuries aren’t the only birth injuries that can occur. Anesthesia errors, cerebral palsy, broken bones and a host of other injuries can occur during birth. For any woman who is in labor, proper monitoring is vital. Through proper monitoring, medical professionals can get clues about how the baby is doing. When this monitoring shows possible issues, medical professionals must take action to rectify the issues.

If you or your child were injured during birth, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries and care. Knowing how to move forward with these claims in Kentucky can be difficult. We can help you on your quest to seek the compensation you deserve.