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Surgical errors can cause serious injuries to Kentucky patients

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2014 | Hospital Errors

In last week’s post, we discussed some of the problems with surgeons using the da Vinci Surgical Robot when doing a surgery. This might have some of our Kentucky readers wondering exactly what happens when a surgeon does make a mistake. The answer to that is that the patient who was injured, or their family members if the patient died or is incapacitated, has the right to seek compensation from the surgeon and other parties who might be liable for the injuries.

We know that you didn’t expect to come out of surgery doing much worse than you already were when you went into the procedure. You had an expectation that the surgery would make something better, not worse. We know that dealing with the adverse effects of a botched surgery can be very trying and tiring. While you try to heal from the surgical errors, we can work on your behalf to get your case moving forward.

There are several types of injuries that can happen during a surgery. Some of those are caused by the surgeon’s negligence. Anesthesia mistakes, left-behind equipment, damaged organs near the surgical site and failing to use proper procedures are some of the cases we are familiar with.

Part of what makes dealing with surgical error cases so difficult is knowing where to look for clues and evidence in a case. As the complainant, you have to show that the surgeon messed up. We can help you determine the most effective way to present the evidence in your case so that the connection between a negligent surgeon and your injury is evident.