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Failure to diagnose medical conditions deserves action

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2014 | Failure to Diagnose

Last week we discussed a case in which a man was misdiagnosed with HIV when he didn’t actually have the virus. The man opted to seek compensation for the misdiagnosis, but the case was thrown out because of the statute of limitations in Kentucky for medical malpractice cases. That post might have some people wondering about what constitutes a failure to diagnose.

A failure to diagnose claim usually stems from an incident in which a doctor doesn’t diagnose a patient with a condition despite having evidence of the condition. While that type of medical misdiagnosis might not be serious in some cases, when the failure to diagnose involves heart attacks, cancers and other serious conditions, not having an early or accurate diagnosis can lead to life-long consequences.

Learning that a doctor failed to diagnose you properly is a horrible experience. The trauma can lead to mental, emotional and physical problems. We understand how difficult this type of situation can be. We know that you need to spend time getting the treatment necessary now that you know your proper diagnosis. We put our experience with medical malpractice cases to work for you so you can do just that.

Seeking compensation after a failure to diagnose can help you afford the medical care you need. It can also hold the medical professional accountable for the issues that occurred with your case. Proving these cases can be complicated, so you have to make that you have representation that knows how to investigate these matters and how to apply laws to your case so you can get the compensation you deserve.