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Woman wins $12 million hospital malpractice award

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2014 | Hospital Errors

Trusting a surgeon when you go into surgery is something that some people do automatically; however, there are some instances in which that trust isn’t warranted. Kentucky residents might be interested to learn about a case in another state in which a woman went into have a hernia operation and ended up with a punctured colon.

The woman went to Danbury, Connecticut, hospital to have her hernia repaired. While in surgery, her colon was punctured. That single event in 2008 led to the woman being in a coma for a month. Her organs began to go into failure, and she had a heart attack. She suffered a severe abdominal infection and went into septic shock. Most of her large intestine was lost, and she was subjected to several other surgeries.

This woman decided to take action against the two doctors who performed the surgery, as well as the hospital. Her attorney says that one of the doctors was a resident and that she wasn’t aware that a resident would be doing the surgery. It was the resident who punctured her colon, which is up for debate since the resident claims he only helped to begin her surgery.

A jury in this hospital malpractice case decided that the woman deserves compensation in the amount of $12 million from the hospital. The hospital is considering an appeal. On top of this award, the woman also settled the case she had pending against one of the doctors. The terms of that settlement haven’t been made public.

This woman’s case is a reminder that anyone who has been injured by a doctor because of negligence or malpractice has the right to seek compensation. Knowing the applicable laws can help to present a strong case.

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