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Kentucky woman awarded $6 million after botched knee replacement

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2014 | Hospital Errors

Imagine going to an orthopedist to get help for your knee, only to find out that you need your knee replaced. Now, imagine that you go ahead with the surgery, only to end up having more problems than you did before the surgery. That is exactly what happened to one Kentucky woman.

The woman went to the orthopedist and ended up having surgery in 2009 at Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital. After having her right knee replaced, she developed an infection. Despite the doctor trying two procedures to control the infection, the woman became septic. She had to have the knee replacement removed, which necessitated her leg being fused leaving her without a knee.

On top of having to deal with a fused leg, the woman is also having to go through dialysis because the septic infection harmed her kidney function. She is currently in a nursing home for care because her husband has died.

The woman opted to seek compensation for her horrible injuries. She was recently awarded $6 million from a jury in Greenup Circuit Court. The jury sat through a four-day trial and then deliberated for seven hours before returning the verdict. They decided 10 to 2 that the woman deserved the compensation. For past medical bills, she was awarded $1 million. The rest was for pain and suffering.

Anyone who has been the victim of medical malpractice or hospital malpractice has the right to seek compensation as this woman did. Understanding how the process of seeking compensation works in Kentucky might make seeking compensation a little less stressful.

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