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Parents complaint charges doctor and hospital malpractice

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2013 | Hospital Errors

Parents in Covington and Kenton, Kentucky, are no different from parents anywhere else who want the best medical care for their children and trust their children’s doctors to provide it. Medical mistakes such as a failure to diagnose can occur, but few parents expect doctors to misrepresent a child’s medical condition as parents of an infant with a failing heart recently alleged.

A baby diagnosed with a defective heart underwent two surgeries in an unsuccessful effort by doctors to repair the condition. Merely days after being told that their son was eligible as a candidate for a transplant, doctors informed the parents that their baby had Coffin-Siris, a rare genetic syndrome that could affect the child’s cognitive skills, vision and growth. Because it could also make the child prone to tumors and infections, the doctors told the parents that a heart transplant was out of the question.

Unwilling to accept the decision by her doctors, the mother went to the Internet to find studies, performed by researchers around the world and contacted them for more information about the propensity of children with Coffin-Siris to develop tumors and infections. She discovered that her child’s doctors might have misrepresented the transplant risks associated with Coffin-Siris to avoid giving a new heart to a child who could grow up with disabilities. The information gathered by the parents led them to pursue medical treatment at another hospital where doctors successfully treated the child’s heart problems with medications.

Incompetent doctors or the failure to diagnose a medical condition can leave a patient confused and at a loss where to turn for help. A consultation with a medical malpractice attorney might be a good source for answers to a person’s questions or concerns about medical care.

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