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Couple’s organ transplant surgery goes wrong

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2013 | Hospital Errors

Kentucky residents may be interested to learn the story of an organ donation that went wrong at a Long Island hospital. When a wife found out she was a perfect match to donate a kidney to her sick husband, she was happy to undergo surgery at North Shore University Hospital. During the transplant surgery, however, a mysterious fluid dripped onto the freshly harvested kidney. As doctors worked to cleanse the organ, the delay resulted in the kidney falling asleep.

After undergoing a 10-hour surgery, the man received a kidney that was barely functioning. His wife is now left with only one kidney, while he continues to experience kidney failure. In an interview, the man’s wife commented that the surgery began with a perfectly healthy kidney and ended with an unhealthy one. Since the incident, the couple has chosen to file a hospital malpractice lawsuit.

The couple’s attorney says that the fluid that dripped onto the kidney may have been sewage, cleaning fluid or fresh water. Because the hospital has not revealed what the fluid was, the couple can only guess. After the lawsuit was filed, a hospital spokesman publicly denied the allegation of an environmental contamination. According to the hospital, they have a record of 150 successful kidney transplants.

After being injured as the result of a hospital error, victims may choose to seek compensation by filing a personal injury claim. A lawyer may be able to help them build their case by gathering evidence to present in court. Evidence may include subpoenaed medical records and witness testimony from medical personnel who may have witnessed the hospital mistake.

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