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Man sues following botched implant operation

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2013 | Hospital Errors

Kentucky readers may be interested in the following account of a man who sued his urologist after a botched penile implant surgery. The man suffered with an erection that lasted approximately eight months following the procedure.

The man alleges that the condition had a negative effect on his quality of life. Activities that he enjoyed, such as motorcycle riding or family get-togethers, were uncomfortable or embarrassing. The situation caused him to withdraw from life. He started wearing baggy clothes to mask his condition. The man and his wife are suing the urologist and his medical group for the hospital error.

The urologist’s attorney made the argument that the man should not have waited so long to have the device removed. He had experienced severe swelling following the procedure. His scrotum had swollen to the size of a volleyball. The attorney suggested that he should have sought treatment then. The plaintiff’s attorney countered with the argument that he had been told that there would be swelling, so he thought everything was normal.

The man’s attorney also made the argument that he waited for the removal surgery because he had lost his insurance and could not cover the cost. He did end up having the prosthesis removed one year after the original surgery because of an injury caused by the device. He has since gotten a replacement prosthesis through another physician. The new device does work; however, the scar tissue from the original surgeries continues to cause problems for him.

Botched surgeries can result in long-term quality of life issues such as lingering pain and decreased functionality in affected areas. Anyone who has experienced decreased quality of life following a botched surgery may be entitled to compensation for their suffering. A settlement may be used to pay for corrective surgery or other medical needs. A personal injury attorney might be able to assist in getting compensation.

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