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Lawsuit alleges that bedsores led to death of hospital patient

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2012 | Hospital Errors

A woman was allegedly the victim of bedsores that went undiagnosed for a protracted period at a hospital. The family has filed a lawsuit alleging that hospital errors led to the woman’s death. The hospital, another care facility and a nurse are named in the suit.

According to the claims in the suit, the victim was admitted to the hospital with clear skin, but had developed bedsores by the time she was discharged to another care facility. No one at the hospital or the care facility diagnosed the bedsores or treated them in any way. The victim was later discharged but returned to the hospital with pneumonia, at which time her bedsores were observed. She underwent surgery to correct the bedsores, but the treatment failed and she died in January 2011 from alleged complications. The family claims that earlier intervention would have prevented the problems that led to the victim’s death. They are seeking more than $50,000 in damages, including medical and funeral expenses.

Bedsores are a common condition in situations in which a victim is hospitalized for an extended period of time. This condition can arise in any hospital and families must watch diligently for the maintenance and treatment of these conditions in family members who are unable to speak for themselves.

A personal injury attorney evaluates medical malpractice cases. In a case such as this, where there is documented evidence that the condition was ignored at a time when treatment might have helped, the plaintiffs might have a viable case.

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