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September 2011 Archives

Doctor owes brain injury judgment of almost $10 million

Over 11 years ago, an Ohio doctor decided against a Caesarian section for a patient. That decision led to the baby being deprived of oxygen in the womb, causing brain injuries and ultimately cerebral palsy. The family pursued a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor and other negligent parties. The jury returned a verdict of $13.9 million last year.

Hospital malpractice separates baby from family, for 18 months

When hospital malpractice in Ohio is mentioned, one often speculates a surgery went horribly wrong; such as, anesthesia mistakes or nursing errors contributing to an untimely and wrongful death. However, damage that hospital mistakes cause can sometimes be because of something the physicians 'didn't' do. Sadly, those errors can have consequences well beyond the walls of a hospital, creating unfathomable stress and ruining lives. Often the lack of a diagnosis may cause further injury or complicate the situation of the patient -- as well as the patient's family.

Assaulter claims hospital error is to blame for woman's death

In a gut-churning violent crime in 1997, an Ohio man violently assaulted his girlfriend for trying to end their relationship. He knocked her down on the pavement and stomped on her head with his boot-clad feet. The kicking caused brain damage, and since the attack the woman lived in at least six nursing homes until her death in August 2009. Her death led to the assaulter's indictment on one count of homicide in December 2010.

'Pill mill' doctors charged with racketeering, murder

A fatal combination of medications can be the result of negligent actions by a doctor or other medical professional in Ohio and across the country. Recent federal and state indictments prove their actions could also be criminal. Florida recently took action against what it terms "pill mills" by charging four pain clinics as organized crime enterprises. Officials say their medical practices resulted in a fatal overdose. The arrests were made as a culmination of a three-year investigation dubbed Operation Oxy Alley. Federal indictments were returned on racketeering charges against 32 people for their participation in a pill mill business that dispensed more than 20 million Oxycodone pills, generating an income of over $40 million.

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