IVC Filter Injury Litigation

When the medical procedures we trust to improve our health cause further injuries, it is nothing short of tragic.

We understand the pain and frustration involved with suffering serious injuries as a result of defective medical devices and medical negligence. At The Lawrence Firm, PSC, we have decades of legal experience and a wealth of medical knowledge that has helped us create a remarkable track record of successful claims. We have offices in Covington, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Ohio. Our attorneys are accustomed to taking on major medical device manufacturers and their insurance carriers. We know how to fight and we know how to win.

IVC Filter Injuries

An IVC (inferior vena cava) filter is a device used to capture a blood clot and prevent its spread to the heart. Problems arise with defective IVC filters and when doctors implant the devices improperly.

In addition to perforating internal organs, these devices are known to fracture. When this happens, pieces of an IVC filter can migrate through the bloodstream, potentially entering the lungs or heart and causing serious damage or wrongful death.

Because of the frequency of IVC filter injuries, we can combine numerous claims in mass tort litigation. Our lawyers have experience handling litigation involving a range of defective medical devices. We will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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