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Medical Malpractice Archives

Surgeon's overlapped surgeries may result in medical malpractice

When patients in Kentucky consent to surgery by their chosen surgeon, they expect to have careful monitoring and focused care throughout the surgery. Unknown to many patients, some surgeons may overlap their surgeries, leaving trainees to monitor the patient as the head surgeon moves on to another patient. While this is an accepted practice in many hospitals, an anesthesiologist in another state has filed a lawsuit for what she considers to be excessive overlapping and double booking of surgeries. She is hopeful the lawsuit will institute changes to protect patients and prevent unnecessary medical malpractice.

Woman files medical malpractice claim for surgical complications

Some disorders and diseases do not require medical treatment. Depending on the disease, many Kentucky doctors may encourage a wait-and-see approach. If optional surgeries or treatments are available, risks may be involved, especially when medical errors are made. One woman in another state is requesting $6 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit from the hospital where she received an optional brain surgery.

Man settles medical malpractice lawsuit for $750,000

Kentucky patients are typically informed prior to surgeries that risks are a possibility. Simple short procedures often implicate that less risks may be involved. Unfortunately for one man in another state, a simple one hour procedure became more complicated than anticipated and resulted in a massive stroke. He has recently settled his medical malpractice lawsuit with the hospital that performed the procedure for $750,000.

Family files medical malpractice lawsuit against hospital

Sepsis is a serious and potentially fatal stage of infection if left untreated. Unfortunately, for one family in a state adjacent to Kentucky, they lost their loved one as a result of sepsis. They have filed a medical malpractice wrongful lawsuit, alleging that she did not receive adequate medical care prior to her death.

$33.8 millon awarded in childbirth medical malpractice case

Although it has been documented that cesarean sections are often performed unnecessarily in Kentucky and all around the United States, it is a medical life-saving surgery for many mothers and babies. One couple in another state is suffering the heartbreaking consequences from one physician's decision not perform a C-section during their child's birth.  After examining the evidence presented in their medical malpractice lawsuit, a civil court awarded $33.8 million for their family's suffering.

Medical malpractice lawsuit claims moldy linens resulted in death

Some Kentucky patients have essentially no immune system, making a simple cold a potential death sentence Many medical facilities offer specialized units and rooms to admit and protect immunosuppressed patients from other infections and bacteria introduced into the facility by other patients. These units usually have strict policies on visitation, food and flowers that may be brought in, hand washing and specialized ventilation systems. Despite strict policies, one hospital and a linen company is facing a medical malpractice lawsuit regarding a fungus that was likely introduced by moldy bed linens to the special unit, resulting in multiple deaths of immunosuppressed patients.

Man awarded $2.5 million in medical malpractice lawsuit

Preventing falls is a major focus of medical facilities across the country, including those in Kentucky. Physical therapists, in particular, focus on the mobility and strength of patients in order to encourage independence. Recently, in another state, a man was awarded a monetary settlement in his medical malpractice lawsuit following a fall that resulted in a serious injury.

Couple awarded $8.5 million in medical malpractice lawusit

It is often difficult for patients in Kentucky to understand all the legal jargon included in a consent form when they agree to surgical procedures. When a man in another state consented to a delicate surgery in a medical facility where his wife had been employed and knew the surgeons well, he believed he was in good hands. Unfortunately to their horror, his surgery did not go as planned, and he suffered many complications. Recently, a civil court jury agreed that the patient suffered undo negligence by the facility after evaluating the evidence presented in the couple's medical malpractice lawsuit.

Patient may have died from hospital medical malpractice

No matter the child's age, no parent in Kentucky desires for a child's life to end prematurely. A mother in another state claims she suffered the loss of her adult daughter due to inadequate and negligent care by the hospital medical staff. She has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in a civil court against the hospital. She hopes the lawsuit will help find answers regarding the circumstances around her daughter's death.

Man blames medical malpractice for mother's death

Kentucky medical facilities are among many others throughout the nation where serious errors occur every year that adversely affect the lives of patients and their families. In fact, a man in another state, whose mother died after being misdiagnosed by her doctor, has become so concerned with the alarming numbers of medical malpractice incidents in the United States that he has written a book about it. One estimate states that as many as 500,000 people die as a result of medical negligence each year.

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