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Covington KY Legal Blog

Truck accident: Truck hits school bus on busy Kentucky highway

An early morning school bus ride gave students a jolt when their school bus was side swiped by a truck on a busy highway recently. The truck accident, on Kentucky 9 AA, happened when a rollback truck, which was carrying gasoline, swerved to miss hitting another truck. It instead slammed into the school bus that was stopped at a stop sign. Minor injuries were reported. 

Two children were taken to hospital by a parent, and one was taken by ambulance at the request of a parent. All other kids on the bus were checked over by EMTs and at school by nurses. Some students were picked up by their parents after getting to the school. Police are continuing their investigation.

$57 million award made in products liability lawsuit

When patients in Kentucky choose to undergo surgery, they anticipate they will receive the best possible care and products used during and after an operation. Unfortunately, companies are not always aware of all the potential risks their products could pose to patients, or they may choose not to adequately inform patients of all potential risks. A jury in another state recently determined that a company that sold pelvic mesh was negligent in the  design of the product and failed to inform patients of known potential risks. The woman was awarded $57 million in the products liability lawsuit.

In addition to raising a family and working, the woman was an active softball player. More than 10 years ago, she was diagnosed with urinary incontinence, which can be brought on by stress, exercise and coughing. Because the incontinence was interfering with her enjoyment of life, she chose to have pelvic mesh implants to help correct the problem. The implants were made by a company called Ethicon, whose parent company was Johnson & Johnson.

Misoprostol (Cytotec) can cause birth injuries or maternal death

 Most of the standard procedures used by OB/GYN doctors during the process of labor and delivery have been carefully examined and vetted to ensure the protection of both mother and baby.

In some tragic cases, however, doctors veer away from best practices for their own convenience. When they do this, they put mothers and babies at risk for no good reason. One of the most common and horrifying examples of this kind of practice is the administration of misoprostol (brand name Cytotec), during labor and delivery.

Is a mild traumatic brain injury really serious?

After a car accident, if you don't feel any serious pain or have obvious broken bones or bleeding, you might think that you weren't injured in the collision. However, if you hit your head in the accident, you may have an invisible injury - a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Mild TBIs often go undiagnosed after car accidents because they are not easy to identify. Unfortunately, they can still create very serious problems for those who suffer from them. Without professional medical care, a mild TBI can disrupt a person's entire life, making it difficult or impossible to work a job or relate to your family and community.

Top causes of trucking accidents

It probably does not take much to imagine driving on the outskirts of Covington and having to maneuver past a semitruck before it decides to change lanes. In fact, it is more than likely that you have found yourself in the position where you either had to slam on the brakes or hit the gas pedal to avoid getting crushed between a tractor-trailer and a concrete barrier.

It seems like every day there are more and more large commercial trucks on the road. Along with the increase in trucks, there has also been an increase in catastrophic collisions. While many trucking companies have taken steps to improve safety and provide better training, a wreck with a semi is still a very real possibility. For more information on some of the most common causes of truck accidents, read below.

Medical malpractice: Unreported fall in nursing home

Many families in Kentucky know all too well the heartbreak of having to admit a loved one into a full-time nursing facility. It is a difficult decision to make, and families have to trust medical professionals to care for their loved one. Unfortunately, medical malpractice occurs in nursing homes on a regular basis, which often results in harm to its patients. Recently, a man died 36 hours after an unreported fall at his nursing home.

The 87-year-old man was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and had been living at the home for about a year prior to the fall. Upon visiting the patient one morning, his family found him with slurred speech. Reportedly, the patient told his family that he fell and hit his head, but the nursing staff denied any fall. Concerned about his health, his family had him transferred to a nearby medical treatment center where a fatal brain bleed was discovered. Unfortunately, the bleed was too advanced to offer any life-saving medical treatment.

Staff negligence is as dangerous as doctors' errors

When hear the term "medical malpractice," you might imagine a doctor misdiagnosing a patient or making an error with potent medications. The fact is that errors and medical negligence can be committed all along the chain, including hospital personnel you may not have considered.

For example, a receptionist working the front desk at a hospital has a duty to alert nurses and doctors when a patient arrives in particular distress. That staff member may also be designated to let the doctor know when a patient with a serious condition has missed an appointment. If that individual doesn't understand the severity of a situation or recognize that a patient has been waiting an abnormally long time, it could result in a patient not getting the proper medical attention in a timely manner.

Veteran settles medical malpractice lawsuit for $550,000

Veterans in Kentucky and across the country are eligible for benefits, including health care in specialized medical facilities. Unfortunately, Veterans Affairs facilities have had a lot of recent negative press and have been accused of providing inadequate care. One veteran in another state recently settled his medical malpractice lawsuit with one hospital for over $500,000 for the negligent care he received over a period of four years.

The man, who is now 68 years old, sought emergency treatment at a VA hospital due to tightness in his chest. Due to suspicion that he might have heart disease, physicians ordered an additional test that was performed outside of the hospital three weeks following his visits. The man had the test completed, but alleges that he never was told the results. According to records, the test indicated that he was suffering from heart failure.

Woman files medical malpractice lawsuit for alleged misdiagnosis

Most Kentucky patients would expect their surgeon to inform them if they had an organ mistakenly removed. Unfortunately, that is not the case for one woman in a nearby state, she had to learn about the mistakes made in her surgery through a news story. She has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the medical facility and physicians involved.

The patient received news that she likely had pancreatic cancer, and a biopsy was performed to confirm the diagnosis. A hospital pathologist reported that the patient did have pancreatic cancer, and with the guidance of her surgeon, she elected to have the majority of her pancreas removed. Once her pancreas was removed, it was discovered that the patient did not have cancer, and the hospital allegedly chose not to inform the patient. Without her pancreas, she will have lifelong symptoms and require ongoing medical treatment.

Man awarded $18.5 millon in products liability lawsuit

When companies produce a product, they bear the responsibility of making consumers in Kentucky and across the country aware of any associated risks involved with the product's use. Recently, a jury determined in a products liability lawsuit that the makers of a hunting tree stand did not properly alert consumers to potential risks of its product. The jury determined their failure to do so was worth $18.5 million for one man.

The man was turkey hunting on his friend's property and decided to use a hunting stand that had been purchased at Dick's Sporting Goods and installed five or years prior. The stand was strapped to the tree by polypropylene straps provided by the company, and the failure of the straps was determined to have resulted in the accident. While the man was on the stand, it collapsed and he was seriously injured. He sued the stand maker, claiming that potential risks were not clearly indicated to users.

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