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Covington KY Medical Malpractice Law Blog

Man settles medical malpractice lawsuit for $750,000

Kentucky patients are typically informed prior to surgeries that risks are a possibility. Simple short procedures often implicate that less risks may be involved. Unfortunately for one man in another state, a simple one hour procedure became more complicated than anticipated and resulted in a massive stroke. He has recently settled his medical malpractice lawsuit with the hospital that performed the procedure for $750,000.

The Army veteran's physician determined that the patient's carotid artery was congested and needed to be cleared. The procedure to clean out the carotid artery was supposed to last only one hour. Once the physician began the procedure, it was discovered that the man's carotid artery did not need to be cleared out as previously diagnosed, but complications arose before the doctor could finish. The procedure lasted four additional hours, and the veteran suffered a serious stroke.

Family files medical malpractice lawsuit against hospital

Sepsis is a serious and potentially fatal stage of infection if left untreated. Unfortunately, for one family in a state adjacent to Kentucky, they lost their loved one as a result of sepsis. They have filed a medical malpractice wrongful lawsuit, alleging that she did not receive adequate medical care prior to her death.

The 50-year-old woman sought medical care at emergency room for a high fever and other related ill symptoms. According to her family, she never saw a medical doctor; instead, she was evaluated by a physician's assistant. Attorneys are arguing that the lab results in her medical records evidenced a urinary tract infection, and may have confirmed the seriousness of her complaints. Despite abnormal labs, she was discharged from the emergency room three hours after she arrived. According to records, she was not given antibiotics for her infection.

A mild traumatic brain injury can produce major harm

If you recently experienced a car accident or suffered a blow to the head some other way, like playing a sport, you may have a very serious injury and not yet know it. Since there are often few direct visual indications of a head injury, it is an easy thing to overlook after an accident.

Furthermore, the symptoms of these injuries do not always present themselves immediately. In many cases, victims of mild traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) do not realize they are seriously injured until significantly after the injury takes place.

Products liability case results in $110 million for sick woman

Johnson & Johnson is a well-known company, especially for its baby products. Many consumers in Kentucky, along with others throughout the world, trust the brand due to its reputation. Several products liability lawsuits against J&J and the company that supplied some of its products have made people begin to question the safety of its talc-based products. One recent lawsuit against the company awarded one woman $110 million for her pain and suffering resulting from her use of some of the company's products.

The woman apparently used J&J's Baby Powder and Shower to Shower Powder for years. Both products contain a product called talc. According to the lawsuit, evidence existed that indicated that talc exposure could possibly result in cancer. Despite alleged knowledge of the product's potential link to cancer, it was argued that adequate warnings were not placed on the products.

What are the primary reasons for a truck accident?

As a driver, you never want to be involved in an accident because of the obvious reasons of how this can cause damage to your vehicle and lead to serious injury. Furthermore, depending on the type of accident, an accident has the potential to be fatal.

It's important to fully realize why truck accidents happen. With this knowledge, you can take steps that will keep you safe.

$33.8 millon awarded in childbirth medical malpractice case

Although it has been documented that cesarean sections are often performed unnecessarily in Kentucky and all around the United States, it is a medical life-saving surgery for many mothers and babies. One couple in another state is suffering the heartbreaking consequences from one physician's decision not perform a C-section during their child's birth.  After examining the evidence presented in their medical malpractice lawsuit, a civil court awarded $33.8 million for their family's suffering.

The baby's mother received her prenatal care from a federally funded community clinic that services uninsured and undocumented persons. Medical records indicated that the mother had an uncomplicated low risk pregnancy. While laboring at a local medical facility, her baby began exhibiting signs of distress with a slowed heart rate.

Summer riding: Motorcycle safety can help prevent injuries

The summer is approaching, and with summer comes motorcycle season. In both Ohio and Kentucky, the roads are relatively straight and easy to ride. This brings out seasoned riders and those just learning.

One of the problems with being a motorcyclist is the risk of injury caused by other drivers. You know that there are dangerous drivers on the roads, but you never expect an accident to take place and involve you or your family.

Medical malpractice lawsuit claims moldy linens resulted in death

Some Kentucky patients have essentially no immune system, making a simple cold a potential death sentence Many medical facilities offer specialized units and rooms to admit and protect immunosuppressed patients from other infections and bacteria introduced into the facility by other patients. These units usually have strict policies on visitation, food and flowers that may be brought in, hand washing and specialized ventilation systems. Despite strict policies, one hospital and a linen company is facing a medical malpractice lawsuit regarding a fungus that was likely introduced by moldy bed linens to the special unit, resulting in multiple deaths of immunosuppressed patients.

A female patient in another state was admitted to a specialized transplant unit for immunosuppresed patients for treatment of her leukemia. While she was in the unit, she became sick and a fungus was discovered to be the culprit. Surgeries and treatment were attempted to remove the fungus, but the patient did not survive.

Man awarded $2.5 million in medical malpractice lawsuit

Preventing falls is a major focus of medical facilities across the country, including those in Kentucky. Physical therapists, in particular, focus on the mobility and strength of patients in order to encourage independence. Recently, in another state, a man was awarded a monetary settlement in his medical malpractice lawsuit following a fall that resulted in a serious injury.

The events that led to the man's fall and injury began with a stroke. He was treated in Oct. 2011 at a hospital for the acute symptoms of his stroke. While he was in the hospital, he was labeled as a patient with a high risk for falls and required a walker to ambulate safely. Once he was discharged to home in the middle of October, he was sent to an outpatient clinic to continue his physical therapy.

4 ways that motorcycle accidents happen

You get your first motorcycle. It's a day you've dreamed of for a good 10 years, and you're excited. You put on your gear, check the weather, and stand in the driveway looking at the bike.

It's then that it dawns on you just how little protection a bike has. It's different when you're facing the open road, not just practicing. If you're in an accident, you could be seriously hurt. And that accident very well may not be your own fault. Below are four ways that these crashes tend to happen:

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